"God sent Heather Phillips to Christian Helping Hands so we could see and learn from a beautiful life that had been given a second chance. She loved everyone big and wanted to share her life experiences to help others find the same new life she found in her relationship with Jesus. It is in memory of Heather that we call our program Heather’s Hope so she will forever touch lives with her beautiful story."

We believe in Second Chances!

Heather’s Hope Housing provides housing and opportunities for women to grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ, grow in their recovery as they set goals to be restored to their families and live as healthy, happy women that are self-sufficient and productive in society. This is a faith based home to be used for the glory of God. HHH will serve women who are transitioning out of the need for a life change, recovery, prison or jail and show a sincere desire to have Christ active in their lives.

Heather’s Hope assists clients with:

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